Scalar Wave Lasers - Would not refund my $3000 Laser and has held my old one for over 6 months


A friend purchased a Scalar Wave Laser for me 2 years ago when I was in need of stomach healing.I had been in the hospital and was being tested for all kinds of GI dysfunction.

I received the laser and used it a few times, but then it broke. I returned it to the company and they were at first gracious enough to send me a replacement one immediately. Well, I again used their laser and again it broke, This went on four times over the next year until finally I returned the laser. I was in the process of moving from Atlanta, GA to California and they somehow sent a replacement to Atlanta instead of California.

I never received my replacement laser (the fifth return)- instead I have spent over 15 hours of my time over the past 6 months calling emailing and getting no response from their company except for a "we will send you a replacement laser" At this point, I do not want their product, just so it can break again. I am asking for my full refund. I hope they have the integrity and high standards of customer service that I do and will realize that the amount of time I have spent of shipping and return costs and my time to continue to call them is valid. So far, I am hearing nothing from the company.

My lawyer is coming to visit me next week and I will be getting her involved then.The laser cost over $3000, so this is no small investment.

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I would like to know the company that is giving the problems with the Scalar Wave Laser. I was considering buying one, but don't want to give my business to the company that won't stand behind their product.

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Um, news flash -- the original post is four years old.


I am having issues with the same company.How did you get on with your lawyer.

Did you get your refund in the end?Thanks


Did you get issue resolved on your laser?What broke ---the case?

It did not work?Diodes went out?

I am looking into purchasing and due to the high cost --was searching internet for reviews of this product and found your posting.


t in CA

Sept 2015


Hi did you get it resolved? I'm in the same boat with mine :-(

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